Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Americas Cup Venue 2007 (Veles e Vents)

David Chipperfield Architects designed an iconic pavilion in 2007 to become the focal point of the Americas Cup which is a world class yacht racing competition. The building was designed in a record time of 11 months and is a amazing addition to the coastline of Valencia.

Sailing is a sport that is very close to me and one similarity every sailing club has is that it has to have sea views. Smaller clubs achieve this through balcony's. Wexford Harbour Boat and tennis club has a viewing platform that doubles as a start line for laser racing during the cold winter months. Veles e Vents takes this a step further by creating a cantilevered viewing platform that forms the main structure of the building with outstanding views onto the competition area that is the ocean.

Yacht Club design is something I will be researching further on this blog.

Photo from (2011)

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