Sunday, 30 October 2011


Preconstruct are specialists in creating animations for developments and some large industry players like Jaguar, Pepsi and Ben and Jerry's. My father introduced me to the company after he found them in an article in Advanced Photoshop magazine.

Buildings are now becoming more and more like general products and soon it will be essential for a client to be 100% sure of what they will be buying from architects and contractors. The only way to give them this assurance is to create visualisations such as those created by Preconstruct.

This company has given me an idea of the quality of animations needed in the modern construction industry. The videos on their site will serve as an ambitious benchmark throughout the year in Architectural Technology and Design. 


John Colfer said...

The Preconstruct video are excellent. Has Alex viewed them yet?

CGIFlythrough said...

Awesome article!