Wednesday, 2 November 2011

External lecture series 01.11.2011

This lecture was hosted by Marcus Cruz from the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL London. Mr Cruz describes himself as a flesh architect with interest in combining different disciplines into architecture such as bio science. Instantly I had interest in this topic because it was similar to the work of Rachael Armstrong. Armstrong's research is in Protocell technology, which is described earlier in this blog, and this also has close links to architecture and bio-science. I was disappointed to find that they had not worked together yet but this may come sometime in the future. I'm especially interested in the development of buildings that repair themselves and I think the knowledge of these two academics could push it further.

I found the lecture quite stimulating with the concepts of Neoplasmatic design being introduced. He covered areas including student work, projects of interest to him, drawing of people, model building and how the skin of the building and the flesh of the building can be two different things.

The photos below are from one of Mr Cruz's Lisbon Book Fair, Portugal. These temporary pavilions created are a prefect example of the use of different lightweight materials to create a flesh. In the second photo its strange how the audience is emphasized rather than the stage by the light but this can also be seen as creative play as you can see in the photo the audience contemplating the two people having coffee on the stage.

One of the designs I really admired was the sales centre in Cairo which uses a double undulating facade quite like the one I used in my lifetime home. 

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