Saturday, 14 January 2012

Final Street View Render of Lifetime Home Development

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John Colfer said...

Nice one. The sky is great but lets keep to the point.

This render is clean and easy for the observer to see three views of the house at different angles.

It illustrates the concept of space created for each house within a rather small site or estate.

Your garden walls are a brilliant way of adding variety and individuality to each house. (You even included the tip-end of the third garden wall on the right.)

The illustrations below the header
picture do explain why the roof appears to change as the perspective changes from left house to house number three on the right.

(From an artist's point of view, you have produced a 3d image on flat 2d paper)

I like the use of space and the avoidance of overlooking.

The external vertical features are one way of adding variety to the houses within the development.

The Lifetime Home people will enjoy making this space their own.

Back to that sky! It give depth or the feeling of distance. That is perspective too. Nice one, clearly informative.