Thursday, 23 February 2012

Delancey Underground "Low line".

With large success of the high line which is now a well established part of the west side of Manhattan. The project focuses on creating gardens on the disused freight train lines running into the city. James Ramsey and Dan Barasch are now using the same concept but are asking people to look to the ground and beyond. The proposal is to convert Williamsburg Bridge Trolley Terminal into a subterranean garden called "Low Line". The transformation of this station fits perfectly into our tech futures module at NTU because its a futuristic way of revitalising public spaces that would otherwise be rendered useless. At the moment the project is in fundraising stage but I believe its reality is distant. It will be a real challenge to convince people a underground garden can be safe, flourish with growth and be a dry comfortable garden space. The idea of using fibre optics to transfer light into disused spaces is exciting and if this project is a success it will be a real step forward in finding new public spaces. The idea could be largely used in old sections of the London Underground. 

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