Saturday, 26 May 2012

Tidal Concept Sketch

The sketch shown below shows the concept behind the proposed public space pools and the retention slabs that will be on the harbour side of this final major project. The rule of twelveths is clearly evident with the six hours between high and low water in Dunmore East being represented below.

Tidal retention concept

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Dunmore East Contour Model

This is the first contour model to show a concept development for Dunmore East harbour. It is purely for massing the area of development and no detailed design has been done as of yet. The areas remaining untouched are modeled in MDF and the proposed area for the development is grey card. 

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Final Major Study Project

Its the time of year when all the experience gathered throughout the year is consolidated into one major piece of work. Yesterday I submitted a somewhat abstract image for the Nottingham Trent MA/MSc catalogue for 2012. Below is the submitted text and image for the project which should tempt the viewers imagination to see more! 

Paul Colfer
MSc Architectural Technology and Design
Manipulation of Tide – The architectural recreation of natural flow

The sheltered nature of natural coves offers protection from the harsh environment of our coastline. Infrastructure has been built in these coves thus interfering with the natural tidal flows which create the sheltered deep water conditions. This project proposes an architectural solution to restore natural harbour conditions originally created in nature.

The project focuses on using this concept to complete a regeneration of Dunmore East Harbour, Co. Waterford, Ireland. Political decisions are changing the requirements placed on Irish harbours and this project aims to transform Dunmore East to accommodate these variations. The settlement of silt threatens to reduce the overall water depth in the harbour which would limit its future use. This project uses architectural design and technical innovations to protect a major natural amenity for the South East of Ireland. 

Image: A Graph showing the relationship between tidal height and tidal flow volumes. By: Paul Colfer, 2012

Paul Colfer
MSc Architectural Technology and Design