Friday, 13 July 2012

Final major project [Free range expo]

This week has been a seriously hectic one with the final visuals being created for the free range expo in the old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London. Below are the images I chose for the expo with brief descriptions of what they are communicating.

This is the overall master plan of the project with the sailing club, marina and retention slabs located on the west wharf of the project. The retention pool that divides the two buildings offers two functions to the harbor. It retains water to be slowly released onto the slabs located behind the marina and it also doubles as a public swimming space for the spa and sailing club buildings. The purpose of retaining the water is to architecturally reintroduce water flow to reduce the amount of silt build up under the marina. 

The shining light at the right of this photo is the sailing club viewing platform acting as a safety beacon to anyone caught out in this force 8 gale. The image also adds a greater idea of the site context and how a generally dark and unwelcoming harbor can be transformed into a calming place of shelter. 

This view has been taken from the existing lifeboat dock looking over the water towards the marina, sailing club and viewing platform for the spa in the foreground. The language from the rising slabs is continued into the building until it starts to fall into the background with the headlands. The end of the breakwater is also framed by the cantilevered building at many points along the south and east wharf's. 

This nighttime visual gives the viewer a sample of what it may be like arriving into Dunmore East after a long days sailing. One again the welcoming light of the bar and viewing platforms invite the sailor to enjoy the facilities. 

The interior space of the spa building is framed by a colonnade but 1.5m gaps are left open to allow the salt water pool to flood at high water. The fully enclosed parts of the building are the changing rooms, steam room, reception and the sauna which can be locked when not in use.   

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John Colfer said...

That all looks fantastic. Just sent you a text saying the same. Your pictures are great.

Lucy said...

So cool Paul, well done you! In my unqualified opinion but an opinion none the less, you're extremely talented. What a creative and imaginative idea for Dunmore!