Tuesday, 17 July 2012

MA Expo Nottingham

After a excellent 5 days in London with a lot of interest in my project I'm now back in Nottingham for the MA Expo show in Arkright 111. I thought I would mark this occasion by posting the remainder of my work for the final major project. I now have the luxury of uploading on universtiy computers rather than internet cafes on brick lane.

The approach to the spa building uses the top of the sailing club as a base to exemplify the 19th century lighthouse at the other side of the harbour. The space left around the spa building is adaptable and can be used for markets, sailing events and general public activities. The floating planes of the spa viewing platform over the harbour give clear views of the marina the retention pond below.

This is the view along the viewing platform from the dinghy park entrance to the spa building. The storm wall and fishing section of the harbour can be seen in the distance and the gabians to the left supply dispirsed light to the reception area creating interesting shadow effects.

Plan drawings of both buildings at 1:200

This is a ariel view of the development taken from the Southeast Coastguard Helicopter (Rescue 117). The visual shows how the leisure and fisihing industries can coexist in Dunmore East and how leisure could drive the economic and social future of the village.

This is the technical detail of the attenuation system that increases the water flow into the harbour to reduce the build up of silt.

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Kathy Lisa said...

Savage, whens construction starting?! i want me a leisure spa, that's walking distance from home! :P