Saturday, 28 July 2012

Victorian Coach House Extension

Myself and fellow MSc student Joe Williams from were approached by a senior member of staff at NTU to design a small extension at the back of his garden. We took the opportunity to get our first live project on our portfolio and to demonstrate first-hand experience of the planning application system in the UK.
The extension is a retirement cottage for the clients in-laws so it was decided that it would be designed around the lifetime home standard. The client required an extra bedroom which he originally assumed would be best in the new extension rather than the existing building. Our design proposed that the existing kitchen would be converted into the second bedroom and the new extension would house a kitchen, new entrance, toilet and living space.
A clear link between the interior and exterior environment is made with large south facing glazing and bi-fold doors. The reduce solar gain visors have been designed to support crawler plants which would grow from a green roof. Originally the roof form over the entrance was brought the entire way across the decking to connect to the existing building but it was decided that this was too intrusive.

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