Friday, 19 October 2012

Vertical Studio [Bradford]

As an introduction to the M.Arch course the first project at NTU is vertical studio which is where a fifth year student works in conjunction with the fourth in the site investigation stage. Following this individual designs are completed for the chosen sites in Bradford. The two years went on a trip to Bradford to witness how the city works from an users experience.
The textile industry was the obvious missing link when I first started to think about what the city needed. I began to sketch a loom but during the process I realised that the textile industry may once have led to the economic success of the city but changes brought by this industry could actually be what led to a loss of atmosphere and emotion through Bradford. During the industrial revolution the river Beck became so polluted and overused it was supressed to the sub terrain of Bradford. Below is a diagram of my interpretation of the textile industries effect on the city.

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