Thursday, 8 November 2012

M.Arch Dissertation Research [Landscape Urbanism]

I have been back in Nottingham Trent University for over a month now in year two Master of Architecture  and my research and areas of interest are starting to become even more eclectic than last year.

One of the recurring themes in recent architectural journals is preserving local identity whilst designing using global technologies and materials. Landscape urbanism is emerging as one the core theories being used to create city spaces using landscape as the primary consideration in planning rather than architecture. This theory is using ground as a central design tool to create fluid buildings that are easily adaptable and create timeless architecture.

Studio Mumbai have pioneered this landscape led design tool with the Tara House [2005] which is designed from its subterranean aquifer to create a dark excavated space with a mythical narrative. Above the ground the buildings are formed around an indigenous fauna courtyard respecting the local identity of KashidIndia.

I’m about to embark on a dissertation but have yet to formulate a distinct question but identity and landscape urbanism will be at the forefront of my research between now and February so keep checking the blog for my latest progress.


John Colfer said...


Well done on your Blog titled: "Blackrock Baths, Ireland," dated 04 September 2012. (Dun Laoghaire Baths)

The "Blackrock Baths, Ireland," blog and your MA Expo Nottingham project on Dunmore East, County Waterford, Ireland, dated 17 July 2012 MA Expo Nottingham show your centre of interest is in Ireland and that is strengthened by suggesting an Architectural Competition for creative designers in Ireland to save the condemned Dun Laoghaire Baths.

Quote from your blog:

"My proposal is that this site is made into an architectural competition to explore creative and economic methods to restore the pool beyond its former glory. An emphasis should be made in the brief to retain but soften the pools brutalism which may have been a contributing factor to its decline. Ireland has many creative designers and the decision to demolish this structure shows a serious lack of imagination and foresight to the public needs."


Nobody took you up on this, but the fact is as follows.

There is interest in the "Blackrock Baths" today.

Google RTE Radio 1 >RTE Radio Player >Find a programme >Today with Pat Kenny (Tue 13th Nov) >Podcast and Play Dun Laoghaire fights it's way out of recession. The Baths bit is exactly 5 minutes in but listen to the full article to understand everything.

Job done


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