Monday, 31 December 2012

West Bridgford Bakery Conversion

The following images are being used to try and market this property before all the changes from a office to a residence have been made. The objects in the visuals are suggestive rather than photo realistic to allow the imagination of any prospective buyers to populate the spaces with their own valuables.

I had to try my best to stick under the hours quoted to the client so the final interior views could have possibly been further worked but I was conscious of spending too many hours on them.

Let me know what you think!!!!!


John Colfer said...

We could do with that mat concrete in our drive. said...

looks interesting!

John Colfer said...

I like the position of the table in the foreground of rendering number 2. It leads the eye into the centre of the frame and shows the viewer that there is plenty of uncluttered space as you move around the ground floor. The different areas flow one into the other without interruption.