Saturday, 4 May 2013

Programme and Function Development Collage

This image portrays the different functions that occur along the linear circulation route through the building. The landing point for the salt water mussels is at the very left hand tidal side of the image with the cleansing tanks directly opposite.

Above these tanks is the conveyor belt which carries the fresh water mussels from the fields, across the exchange and into the production plant to the north of the building. The light railway line runs through the centre with the decent to tidal level to the right of the platform.

Next to the decent is the area for eating mussels and a viewing platform which houses the ticket hall and information points. To the very right of the image is the canal level which goes through a route under the building to be pumped into the river Witham and to retain its function of draining the fenland around Boston.

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absolutely love the mood(colour proportion, etc.) of the visualisation!