Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Archiam Centre Visualisation and Outreach Work

Upon finishing the M.Arch myself and Paul MacMahon of took part in preparing visuals and loose design work for the inaugural exhibition of the Archiam Centre.

The research based centre focuses on the architecture and cultural heritage of India, Arabia and the Maghreb and how to manage it around the rapid expansion of cities and infrastructure which threatens the historic urban fabric. The inaugural exhibition was specifically about the heritage management of Oman and a number of settlements in the region. The exhibition focused on the documentation, analysis, heritage management/development and the visualisation and outreach for the settlements. Once myself and Paul M joined the multidisciplinary team led by Prof Soumyen Bandyopadhyay all of the analysis and management stages were completed for the exhibition and it was our role to visualise some potential schemes in their highlighted sites.

The purpose of the images were to be representative of the life and materiality such developments could bring to settlements that are currently perishing. Paul M also created a context model of one of the settlements and I 3D printed a model of an existing building.

Entrance to Exhibition from

Plan of Strategic Square 

Sketch of Pedestrian Access to City Wall

Sketch of Potentail Building for Cafe 

Food Court Sketch