Friday, 6 September 2013

RIBA Silver Medal Entry

Since finishing the M.Arch I have focused my mind on searching for jobs but also on tying up some design thesis loose ends. I have been offered the opportunity by NTU to submit the project for the RIBA Silver Medal Awards so 15 pages required some extra polishing.  One of the central themes of the thesis was the use of design to balance seasonal variations in employment around Boston. The solution was mussel fields and a processing building which I did a little extra design work on for the competition entry.  

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John Colfer said...

Hi Paul.

I love the Port Wheelhouse Window View for several reasons. It shows great imagination by placing yourself inside the fishing boat wheelhouse.

Most people would open the window and stick their head out to get a clear view of the scene outside but not you. You include the the inside of the wheelhouse window which definitely places you in the wheelhouse looking at the activity of the workers handling the mussels within the area of the processing building. It also gives the feeling that you are on a mussel boat and part of the activity that you are looking at, hence the interest.

The sheet piling looks authentic with its tint of green weed which clearly indicates the range or rise and fall of the tide at that particular berth. The chop in the water indicates quite a strong tide and breeze are working against one another at this time.

You really have caught the atmosphere of this imaginary place and have demonstrated artistic talent too. Your sailing experience and time on the water is showing through as well.

The photographs of the model with the contours of the original land clearly indicated is a very effective way of illustrating old from new.

The shadows of the building projected against the white background gives a wonderful 3D effect on a flat surface. I like that very much.